Art Services 2000 Ltd.
Q. I want to know more about a work of art
that I have had for some time but I don't want
to spend a lot of money to have it appraised.
Can you help me?

Art Services 2000 will be happy to review
images and photographs of your work of art
online for free. If we feel that it is worth
researching and appraising we will give you
an exact quote. If, in our opinion, your artwork
does not warrant the expense of additional
research or a formal appraisal, there is no

Q. I have the task of settling a family estate but
I don't know which artworks have high  value
as opposed to those that are merely decorative
in nature. How do I proceed?

Art Services 2000  can review an art
inventory list and can conduct a preliminary on
site walk through to evaluate and identify the
most valuable and appraisal worthy pieces.

Q. Why does anyone need a formal appraisal
in the first place?

A. Appraisals are legal documents written for
a specific purpose and using a specific
research methodology.

The three major types of appraisal values are:

Insurance Replacement Value, in case of
loss or damage

Fair Market Value, for legal purposes, IRS
charitable donations, wills, estates, trusts,
distribution of property, divorce


Market Value, for sale, liquidation, asset

Q. I have been offered money for paintings and
other items that I have inherited from my
grandparents. How can I know if the amount of
money they are offering is fair?

A. Before you decide to sell or donate any
works of art or family heirloom items, it is a
very good idea to seek advice from your
accountant or family attorney. You should also
contact a trained professional personal
property appraiser who can provide you with
an accurate valuation of your possessions
BEFORE any sale or donation takes place.

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Please be aware of
individuals who go door to door offering to
buy your personal items. Also we suggest that
all requests for donations for "charity yard
sales" or assisted living "gift shop sales"  be
avoided without first receiving a professional
evaluation or formal appraisal to determine
the actual value of your artworks.

More Questions and Answers to come.......
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