infogrphics increase website ranking

It is safe to say infographics has become a major tool in attracting millions of traffic, and how you use it will determine the amount of traffic your site will get putting the fact that the internet is fast becoming a visual platform into consideration.

Statistics have shown an increase of up to 800% in the number of infographics searches online in the last t couple of years. With this kind of developments in place, it is hard to ignore the fact that visualizing data in form of infographics has climbed the ladder has a major marketing tool for your website. Your site is capable of reaching up to 15 million internet users just through an infographic. You can increase the number of visitors to your site by sharing a topic that is interesting and related to the niche of your site.

Adding infographics attracts traffic to your site in a number of ways:

  1. Web Searches

For example, if your site is the only one with infographic on why lemons are good for weight loss, then internet users that search for infographics on the same topic will be lead to your site. There are also internet users that will be looking specifically for images related to the topic and will be lead to your site as well.

  1. Social Media Reach

Social media sites have become popular platforms for sharing images and about 73% of adult internet users are part of the social media. This means, if the infographic on your site is interactive enough, with clickable links and videos, chances are, visitors to your site will share and engage your graphics in the social networks. Make sure:

  • Infographic in your site has an embedded code to make it possible for other to share it.
  • Your website information is included in the infographics.
  • Make it easy for users to share the graphics to social media by including easily accessible links to social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
  • Make the name of your company or logo visible in the graphics.

infogrphics increase website ranking

It is also important to note that users are more likely to share the graphics by private messages and e-mail too. This makes the reach of the infographic even bigger than expected. It is even possible for the infographics from your site to be used in presentations in schools and businesses giving it more reach than you would have probably imagined to be possiblein kunst.

  • Including Fresh, Trending Info

Infographic offers a good opportunity to add fresh and trending info to your site to improve its relevance. Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more dependent on infographics and improving your infographics will go a long way in boosting your page’s ranking. Considering the fact that Google’s algorithms is always on the move, it is best that you keep the information in your site up to date and relevant and nothing does it better than a good infographics. Visitors to your site will definitely enjoy their while too.

  1. Add Authority

Backing up the information in your site with a well-researched infographic definitely adds authority to what your site stands for. Make sure to back it up with:

  • Include well-recognized resources just below the graphics.
  • Give solid statistics.
  • Give the statistics a visual boost through charts and graphs.

Combining visual senses with interactive features like the infographic that the statistics came from will keep the reader engaged and interested in the content of your site.

How to Direct Traffic to Your Website Using Infographic

The effort to increase traffic to your site does not stop with having an eye catching infographic. You will need to back it up with a promotion. Below are a few ideas that can help you get the best out of your infographic:

  • Back your infographic with a well reaseched and well written article. An article with quality content will not only engage your readers but will improve your SEO status.
  • Build a network with bloggers and the stakeholders in the field that your site is involved with so as to get your infographic shared on other websites and blogs.
  • Upload your infographics to sites that are specifically known to promote infographics such as Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Make your infographic’s presence notable in all the relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. A well-recognized infographic on social networks will enable you reach your target audience and possibly direct them to your site. For example, you can create a video with a slideshow of your infographic and upload it on YouTube.
  • Keep you infographics regularly updated in all the different platforms so as to maintain its relevance. Link back to your infographic in your blog posts. You will be amazed by how much traffic the Backlinks will bring to your sight.



How Infographics Increase Website Traffic

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