Art Services 2000 Ltd.
Art Consulting & Collection Review Services

Our clients own and inherit many types of visual art from signed oil paintings and
watercolors to limited edition prints and bronze and marble sculptures.

Often they also have antique photographs, furniture, jewelry, silver, that may be
of significant monetary value.

We offer a professional "walk through" service to view the contents of the estate
or collection in order to determine its potential value. We can help you make an  
"informed decision" about what to do with your personal property whether you
want to sell, insure or donate your heirlooms..

There is no charge for an initial online review.
When settling or liquidating an estate or family collection you need to know exactly what it is that you have
and how much it may be worth.

You need an honest evaluation by a "properly trained and qualified appraiser" and broker of personal
property. We can assist you with the sale of your valauble items with our Sales Brokerage Service.

If you need to sell, donate or insure your collection or estate or any valuable personal property please contact
us first.

Art Services 2000 can supply you with honest professional advice to help you make an informed and often highly
profitable decision about your property. Our initial online consultation is offered free of charge.

Our consulting services can save you from making what may be a very serious, costly and avoidable financial
mistake. Over the years we have realized many thousands of dollars for our client's personal property.

So BEFORE you sell a work of fine art or any family heirloom please contact us for professional guidance in making
that very important decision.

Call us at 386-742-6786